You can complain to the Ombudsman if you believe that your human rights have been violated by Latvian state officials or institutions.

However, there are some conditions which you have to take into account before submitting a complaint:

The violation of your rights must be related to human rights or good governance

The Ombudsman cannot investigate cases which do not directly relate to human rights.

example The Ombudsman cannot investigate your application if your complaint is that the parliament has not adopted a certain law, or you believe that another private individual has damaged your good reputation.

The violation has to have been committed by a State institution or officials

The Ombudsman cannot investigate the decisions or actions of government agencies from other countries, international organizations or private individuals who do not represent Latvian state agencies. The only exception is a complaint about discrimination or unequal treatment. In such cases you can complain to the Ombudsman about the actions of other private individuals or companies in Latvia.

You can only complain about a violation committed against you or against someone that you have a right to represent

You cannot complain about a violation of another person’s human rights, unless you have a right to represent that person.

example You can complain about the violation of another person’s human rights if you have been granted a power of attorney allowing you to do that or if you have a legal right to represent that person. For example, if you are a parent of a minor or you are a legal guardian.

Before you complain to the Ombudsman you must first have complained to the institution responsible for settling the particular situation

The Ombudsman cannot investigate a potential violation of your rights if you haven't first tried to resolve the problem using all the usual complaint mechanisms that are available.

example If you believe that the judge in your trial is not impartial or independent, you must first request his/her withdrawal from the case. If the judge refuses, you must complain about this in your appeal to a higher court. Only if your appeal is rejected can you can complain to the Ombudsman.

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