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Legal Aid

The Legal Aid Administration can provide you with state paid legal help (the assistance of a lawyer) if you cannot afford it yourself (if you are registered as a person with a low income or you have other reasons why you cannot pay for the help yourself). You can receive legal aid in: 

  • a majority of civil cases
  • administrative cases concerning a denial of status to asylum seekers and the forced expulsion of third country nationals
  • administrative cases concerning decisions of Orphan’s Courts relating to the rights of a child
  • criminal cases - to all accused persons and underage victims

To receive state-paid legal aid, you must submit an application and other relevant documents about your income, and the substance of your case, to the Legal Aid Administration. 

State compensation to victims of crime

If you are a victim in criminal proceedings and the offence has caused serious consequences to your health, you may be entitled to state compensation. To receive this compensation you should submit an application to the Legal Aid Administration. 


You can call a free helpline on 80001801 if you have any questions regarding state-paid legal aid and state compensation for victims of crime.


• Examination of applications for state guaranteed legal aid and state compensations to victims

• Management of financial resources designated for legal aid providers and state compensations to victims

• Coordination of the status for providers of state guaranteed legal aid 

• Maintenance of the register of state guaranteed legal aid and the register of  state compensation

• Providing information to the victims of crimes

More information & Contacts
+371 67514208

The Legal Aid Administration
4 Pils Square
Riga, LV-1050

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