If you fail to comply with your duties and do not follow the procedures of the court, you may contribute to a failure to fulfil fair trial standards in your own trial. This will most probably have a negative effect on your case.

Furthermore, to be able to claim a violation of your rights, you must ensure that you have complied with your duties that are related to the violation you complain about in the court proceedings. 

example You will not be able to complain about the unreasonable length of your trial if you have not attended hearings or if you have asked for a number of hearings to be postponed without valid reason.

Your main duties in the court proceedings include the following:

Your address

You will be asked to write your address on your initial application and on the appeal and cassation claims. The court will use that address to contact you.  If you have not provided an address, the court will use your officially declared address. Therefore you have an obligation to be reachable at that address. You will not be able to claim that you did not know about a hearing if you simply missed the notification in your mailbox.

Attending court hearings

You must attend court hearings or notify the court in a timely manner about the reasons if you are not able to attend.

Time limits

You should comply with the time limits for each claim or request which you wish to make to the court, if such time limits are set by either the court or the law.

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