As a victim, you have the right to claim compensation for the harm you suffered due to a crime. This might be for physical or moral suffering and/or for damaged or lost property.

Request for compensation during criminal trial

According to Latvian law you can request compensation at any time during the pre-trial stage. At the beginning of the trial in the court of first instance, you can request compensation only up to the time that the court starts the examination of evidence.

You can ask to be compensated for:

  • your damaged or lost property

example A damaged car or money that you have spent for your treatment in a hospital.

  • moral suffering
  • physical injury

example If you have been kidnapped and held in captivity for some days, you may request compensation for the moral suffering you experienced. In addition, if you were physically injured as a result of a crime, you may seek compensation for the physical suffering.

Amount of compensation

In determining the amount of your compensation for moral suffering, the court will take into account:

  • the gravity of the crime
  • the injuries you suffered and their consequences
  • the psychological trauma you may have suffered and other factors

Compensation from the State

According to Latvian law, you can request compensation from the State. You are entitled to such compensation if, as a result of a crime:

  • you have suffered a serious physical injury
  • you are a victim of a sexual crime or human trafficking
  • you have been infected with HIV or Hepatitis B or C
  • your close relative has died: a spouse, a parent, a child, an adopted child, a brother or a sister

Civil claim

If you have not requested compensation during the criminal trial, you can lodge a civil claim for damages. This claim must be submitted to the civil court (court of general jurisdiction). You can file a civil claim for damages even if the criminal court has acquitted the accused.


Last updated 25/01/2021