If you believe that your rights were violated during the trial and you have an opportunity to prevent or rectify this during further proceedings, it is your responsibility to do so. 

You will not be able to claim that your human rights have been violated or receive compensation if:

  • your own actions contributed to the violation, for example by not following your duties

example You won’t be able to hold the state responsible for an unreasonably long trial if the hearings were postponed mainly because of you. 

  • you didn’t submit a complaint when you thought your human rights were violated, at the time when it was possible

Submit a complaint

If you think your human rights were violated, you must submit a complaint to the appropriate authority as soon as possible. If you do not complain when your rights are violated, you will not be able to complain about such a violation later or receive compensation. Therefore, if you would like to complain and seek compensation for a possible human rights violation, it is your responsibility to act. Read more about most common types of complaints.

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