If you think you have been discriminated against, you have the right to complain to different state institutions. You must choose the relevant state institution, applicable to your situation.

There are several state institutions in Latvia that may take action in cases of discrimination. You can generally choose the relevant state institution depending on the field in which you have experienced discrimination.

Important In most cases, such institutions are entitled to issue a decision and/or impose a fine. If you are seeking compensation, you could consider bringing a claim before a court.


The Ombudsman is in charge of implementing the principle of equality and non-discrimination. The Ombudsman is entitled to review the case, issue an opinion and to even bring a claim on behalf of the victim, before a court in a civil or administrative case. More information is available here: Ombudsman.

Sectoral institutions

Your complaint can be resolved by a relevant sector-specific institution if you have been discriminated against in the following areas:


Last updated 12/04/2018