Care provided by a general practitioner

If you have the symptoms of a disease or wish to check your health condition, the first medical professional to turn to is your general practitioner (family doctor).

You have the right to choose a general practitioner (family doctor) and to register in the list of patients. You also can change the general practitioner that you use and re-register.

A general practitioner: 

  • examines a person’s overall state of health
  • diagnoses and treats common acute and chronic diseases
  • provides information about preventive measures
  • issues prescriptions for medicine
  • performs vaccinations
  • issues referrals when diagnostics, consultations by specialised medical practitioners and/or specialized medical treatment are required, etc.

In Latvia, the care provided by general practitioners (having a contract with the State) is included in the State paid medical assistance minimum.

Read more about State-paid health care services in this Guide.


Last updated 26/06/2023