The Ombudsman (in Latvian Tiesībsargs) is a state institution responsible for safeguarding your human rights in Latvia. The Ombudsman is independent of the government, parliament and courts.

The Ombudsman can investigate complaints related to potential human rights violations and determine whether your human rights have been violated. He can also suggest that the government amend a law if he has discovered that certain legal provisions have a negative effect on human rights or good governance.

The Ombudsman can only investigate situations relating to a violation of your human rights by Latvian state institutions. The only exception is discrimination or unequal treatment, where the Ombudsman can also investigate the actions of private individuals or companies in Latvia. In all other cases, if a person, who is not a state official, or a private company has violated your rights, you must first file a complaint to the institution responsible for investigating such situations (such as the police, the civil court, the State Data Inspectorate).

The Ombudsman will only investigate a potential violation if you have already lodged a complaint about it to the relevant institution.

example If you believe that a judge has unlawfully refused to invite your witnesses to a hearing at a court of first instance, you have to first complain about it to the court of appeal, or if necessary, a court of cassation. You can then write to the Ombudsman, but only if those courts have not reacted to your complaint.

Last updated 26/01/2019