Assessment in a criminal case

Involuntary placement in a mental health care institution is permitted when the court has ordered that you require a psychiatric assessment in criminal proceedings.

When you are a suspect or an accused in a criminal case, you might be taken to a psychiatric institution for an assessment. It may happen in a situation where the person conducting the criminal process has doubts about the state of your mental health and when it is important for your case.

Involuntary placement & Human rights

Human rights state that placement in a psychiatric institution for an assessment is a form of detention. It deprives a person of physical liberty and can interfere with private and family life. It is also the strictest form for conducting an assessment and therefore should not be applied frivolously.

You should not be placed in mental health care institution frivolously and without a very good reason. In other words, the placement must not be unlawful. It is also important that when you are placed in a mental health care institution, you are treated with respect, receive adequate medical treatment and are held in humane and suitable conditions.

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