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The Health Inspectorate oversees the quality of healthcare services, the sale of drugs, the safety of cosmetics and the quality of water. If you have any complaints regarding these matters, you should submit them to the Inspectorate by filing an application. You can also call 67081600 or visit the Inspectorate personally and receive consultations or additional information. 


  • Control of medical treatment institutions and the quality of healthcare services
  • Supervision and control of the availability of health care services and the distribution of public funding
  • Maintenance of the Register of Medical Institutions and the Register of Medical Persons and Medical Support Persons
  • Control of pharmaceutical companies and the circulation of drugs
  • Control of heightened risk objects
  • Supervision of factors potentially affecting the health of the population
  • Control of the trade of chemical substances, chemical compounds and the safety of cosmetics
  • Control of the distribution and usage of medical devices

More information & Contacts
+371 67081600

The Health Inspectorate
7 Klijānu Street
Riga, LV-1012

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