State Inspectorate for Protection of Children's Rights

The State Inspectorate for Protection of Children's Rights is a Latvian state institution overseeing the protection of children's rights.

How can it help you

Support to children and adolescents

The Inspectorate can help children by providing psychological and emotional support in critical situations (violence, depression etc.). The specialists can also answer questions related to the rights and duties of children, their parents and teachers, children’s development, addictions and other issues.

Call the special free helpline on 116111, which is available every day around-the-clock. You can also contact the helpline via a special online form or via e-mail

Complaints regarding children’s rights

If you think that a state or private institution has violated children’s rights (for example, a teacher has used physical or verbal violence against children), you can complain to the Inspectorate. Your complaint will be examined, and if necessary, the particular institution will be investigated. . 

Support to foster families

The specialists at the Inspectorate can help foster families by providing information on the rights and duties of the child and the foster family and services available to foster families. The Inspectorate also organizes seminars and group meetings, where families can learn from field specialists and each other. Psychological help can be provided to foster families if necessary. 


  • Examining complaints regarding children's rights
  • Psychological help (via a helpline, e-mail or meetings) to children and their parents in critical (crisis) situations
  • Work with foster families - coordination, psychological help and support groups
  • Overseeing the work of Orphan's courts 
  • Practical trainings and seminars for professionals working with children
  • Analysis and research within the field of children's rights
  • Cooperation with state, municipal and non-governmental organizations and institutions within the field
  • Recommendations to state and municipal institutions regarding children's rights
  • Development of draft legislation and recommendations aimed at raising the efficacy of the protection of children's rights
  • Promotion of the involvement of children within activities aimed at ensuring a safe environment for them

More information & Contacts
+371 67359128

The State Inspectorate for Protection of Children’s Rights
53 Ventspils Street
Riga, LV-1002

Last updated 19/02/2017