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Mediation and settlements

If you are involved in criminal proceedings as an accused or as a victim, you can ask for the assistance of the State Probation Service to mediate with the other party and to make a settlement. Settlement can be beneficial to all the involved parties - the accused, the victim and society in general. You can learn more about settlements on the website of the State Probation Service. 


  • Preparation of pre-sentence and parole reports about probation clients
  • Development and implementation of social behavior correction programmes for offenders
  • Supervision of persons, who are conditionally sentenced or released on parole from places of imprisonment
  • Supervision of persons who are released from criminal liability
  • Organization of the execution of criminal punishment — compulsory work
  • Organization of the execution of compulsory measures of a corrective nature — community service
  • Mediation in criminal matters
  • Supervision of the execution of additional punishment — supervision of probation 
  • Post-penitentiary aid to persons released from prison

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The State Probation Service
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