What are the main human rights documents?

There are certain national and international human rights documents that could be important for you.


In Latvia, human rights have been included in the highest national law – our constitution, the Satversme. Chapter 8 of the Satversme contains many important human rights.  

In addition to the rights guaranteed by the Satversme, the fundamental rights of a child are guaranteed by the Law on the Protection of the Rights of the Child

There are also many other laws which are not human rights documents in themselves, but which protect different aspects of human rights.

example The Criminal Procedure Law contains provisions guaranteeing human rights during a criminal trial. The Law on the Press and Other Mass Media regulates the freedom of expression of the media.

European & International

There are several important international human rights documents that Latvia has joined and therefore they are binding to it.

Some documents are general and contain a broad human rights catalogue. Those are the following:


Last updated 04/02/2024