Rigth to complain

If you believe that police officers have treated you unlawfully during your arrest, you have the right to complain about their behaviour.

You have the right to complain if you believe that the police used excessive force when arresting and/or escorting you, and also during your stay in your cell. You can also complain if the police did not ensure that your basic needs were met. For example, they did not provide you with food or water, did not call for medical aid when necessary or if they did not allow you to inform your family or employer about your arrest.

Where to submit the complaint?

Mistreatment or disrespect of your rights by the police will be investigated by a police officer or an institution of a higher level. To complain about the behaviour of a police officer, you can submit a complaint to his direct supervisor. The supervisor will either examine your submission himself/herself or, if necessary, will forward the complaint to the Internal Security Bureau, which can investigate whether the violation against you resulted in a criminal offence. The police might ask you for more explanations or documentation, if necessary. You can read more about the complaint procedure on the website of the State Police.

You have the right to receive a response to your complaint in writing within one month’s time. Where and when you can appeal the decision must be indicated in the decision.

Impact on your criminal case

If you believe that your mistreatment could be related to, and leave an impact on your rights in your criminal case, read more about the complaint mechanisms.


You can also request compensation if you believe that your rights were violated due to the mistreatment by the police.

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