Rigth to complain

The investigating authorities are allowed to conduct certain investigation activities which also involve you, during your detention on remand. Read more about investigation activities.

When conducting the investigative activities, the police, or in some cases the prosecution, must respect your procedural and human rights. If you believe that your rights were violated, you can complain about the behaviour of the persons involved in the investigation.

What violations may occur during an investigation?

Certain violations of your procedural and human rights during an investigation may influence the outcome of your case. For example, where you have been threatened to give up information that incriminates you, your lawyer has not been present at the interrogation, or you have not been given certain documents to which you are entitled. You can also complain about police mistreatment (the use of physical force or threats) during the investigation, even if you think that it did not have an impact on the outcome of your case.

Where to submit the complaint?

You can complain about the behaviour of members of an investigation team to the supervising prosecutor. If you do not know who the supervising prosecutor is, you can simply address your complaint to the prosecution in general. Your complaint will be forwarded to the relevant people within the prosecution.

Submission deadlines

You must comply with the deadlines for the submission of your complaint. The deadline in this case is 10 days after you receive the challenged decision or after the behaviour occurred.  Keep in mind that, it is always best to complain as soon as possible.


The prosecution will investigate the case and issue a decision within the time limits established by law. The decision will also contain information about where and when you can appeal the decision.


If you believe that your rights were violated during the investigation process, you can also request compensation.

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