If you fail to fulfil your duties and do not comply with the procedure, you may contribute to a failure to observe fair trial standards in your own trial. This will most probably have a negative effect on your case.

Furthermore, to be able to claim a violation of your rights, you have to ensure that you have fulfilled your duties in the court procedure which are related to the violation about which you complain. 

If you fail to fulfil your obligations, in most cases you won’t be able to claim a violation of your rights or receive compensation later on.

example You will not be able to complain that you have not had access to a court of appeal if you lodged the appeal after the deadline.

Your main duties in the court proceedings include the following:

Your address

At all times during the trial you must have an address, which has been notified to the court, where it can contact you. You also have to notify the court if that address changes.

Time limits

When making requests to the court, you have to comply with the time limits for each claim or request, if such time limits are set either by the court or by law.

Obligations during the proceedings

You also have other important obligations during the proceedings. For example, you have an obligation:

  • not to obstruct the investigation or court proceedings
  • to identify yourself where necessary
  • to comply with the security measures that may be applied to you, for example, suspension of right to drive a car

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