There are certain restrictions that you have to observe and requirements that you have to fulfil to marry your partner.

Persons willing to enter into marriage have to submit an application either to a General Registry Office, or a pastor if they prefer a religious ceremony. You can freely decide if you want to conclude your marriage in a General Registry Office and the particular municipality, or in a religious ceremony with a church that has a right to marry. You may also marry whilst you or your partner are serving a prison sentence.

In Latvia, there are eight denominations with the right to marry: Evangelical Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Old Believers, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist and Judaism.

Requirements and restrictions

There are certain restrictions that you have to observe and requirements that you have to fulfill to conclude a marriage.

example In order to marry, you must have reached the age of 18 and must comply with restrictions regarding the choice of your partner.  This includes the prohibition of marriage for a same-sex couple.

example You have to express your wish to marry freely in front of the official at the General Registry or a clergyman and two adult witnesses.

example You cannot marry if you or your partner are married to another person and this marriage is still in force (prevention of polygamy).

If you have performed a wedding ceremony without fulfilling the requirements and observing any restrictions, your marriage is not considered legally recognized by the state. This is very important if you get married using the ceremony of a religion the clergy members of which do not have the right to officially marry in Latvia.

Marriage register

Information about the entering into marriage of you and your partner is to be published in the Marriage Register.


Last updated 28/07/2018