You do not need to fill in a specific form. A model application form is available on the Ombudsman’s website to help you better structure your application.

Download model application.


The working language of the Ombudsman is Latvian. This means that your application should be in Latvian. In exceptional circumstances, the Ombudsman will also accept applications in other languages. However, in most cases, the official reply you will receive will be in Latvian.


In your application you need to explain clearly:

  • what has happened
  • when it happened
  • which state institutions or officials were involved
  • to which institutions or officials you complained about this situation and what their responses were
  • the application needs to contain your name, signature, date and return address

Your application does not need to be in legally correct language or refer to any specific legal provisions, but it has to be clear and understandable. Try to write only about the facts and issues relating to the violation about which you are complaining. To help the Ombudsman better understand what has happened, try to keep the text simple, focused and avoid emotional or derogatory language.


If you can, please add all the documents (especially complaints you have made and the responses to them) that are related to the situation you are complaining about to your application.

Time limits

There is no set time limit for filing your complaint with the Ombudsman, however, according to the Rules of Verification procedures, the Ombudsman can refuse to investigate your case if more than a year has passed since the violation or last response to your complaint in your case.


Applications must be sent to the following address:

The Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia
Tiesībsarga birojs
Baznīcas iela 25
Rīga, LV-1010

Legal aid

In Latvia you are not entitled to free legal aid when applying to the Ombudsman. If you are not sure if your human rights have been violated and whether the Ombudsman can investigate your case, you can email ( or call (+371 67686768) the Ombudsman’s office before you make an application.

If you need further legal aid to prepare your application, you will have to hire a lawyer yourself. Having a lawyer is not compulsory when applying to the Ombudsman.

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