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Information regarding healthcare services

By calling the National Health Service on 80001234, you can learn about:

  • state-paid medical services and how to receive them
  • reimbursed medicines
  • situations in which a patient can be freed from medical expenses
  • other questions regarding healthcare

important To learn more, or to complain about the quality of healthcare services, you should contact the Health Inspectorate.

Phone consultations with a general health practitioner

The National Health Service provides a medical advice helpline on 66016001 from 5pm to 8am on workdays, and around the clock on weekends and holidays. You should call the helpline for medical advice and tips on how to handle simple illnesses, which do not require immediate medical care.

Medical Treatment Risk Fund

If a healthcare institution or medical personnel cause you any harm, you should ask the Medical Treatment Risk Fund which is managed by the National Health Service to compensate this harm. You should submit an application and other relevant documents to the National Health Service to receive compensation. 


  • Informing society about available health care services and how to access them
  • Implementation of the programme on the timely detection of cancer
  • Determination of health care services funded from the State budget and the calculation of their tariffs
  • Development, maintenance and updating of the list of State reimbursed medicine, which is based on the principles of health economics
  • Approval of medical technologies and their registration, and the creation and maintenance of the medical technology database and accounting
  • Administration of the Medical Treatment Risk Fund
  • Administration of the State funding which has been prescribed for health 
  • Supervision of the expenditure of State funding at medical institutions and pharmacies under the administration of the National Health Service

More information & Contacts
+371 80001234

The National Health Service
31 k-3 Cēsu Street
Riga, LV-1012

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