Right not to found a family

The right to a private life also encompasses your right to choose not to found a family.


Whether to enter into marriage and have a child is a choice you should be able to make personally and freely. This choice is not dependent on the interests and wishes of your partner. If you have been forced to marry, such a marriage is legally invalid. Read more about legality of marriage.

Reproductive rights

You have control over your reproductive rights, which includes your right to refuse to conceive a child or to give birth to a child by choosing a sterilization or termination of pregnancy. Read more about your reproductive rights.  


If you are not ready to become a parent, you may decide to give your child up for adoption. In such a case, both parents have to agree to the adoption. 

The consent of the child’s father is not needed if paternity has not been legally recognized. Please be aware that, according to the Civil Law, a mother may not give her consent to the adoption of her child earlier than six weeks after the birth. Read more about adoption.


Last updated 13/08/2018