If you believe that video monitoring has been conducted unlawfully and that your human right to private life has been violated, you have the right to complain.

Video monitoring, recording and the subsequent use of footage indisputably limits your right to private life. If you have not consented to the video surveillance in cases where your consent is required, you can complain about the actions taken by a public authority or a private individual or entity. For instance, if you were monitored without your consent in a private swimming pool. You can also complain if you consider the video monitoring to have been performed in an unlawful or disproportionate manner. For example, you were filmed in the building of a public institution without any notification of the video monitoring taking place and it was not an exceptional situation as provided by the law where such notification is not required.

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In this section you can learn about how to protect your rights and seek compensation where your rights have been violated.


Last updated 25/03/2022